Nautical Fenders

Nautical Fenders have different uses, we have nautical fenders to avoid the blows with other sport boats moored to our side in the pantalán, buoys for signaling, buoys to delimit spaces in the beaches, buoys to anchor, etc. Small size buoys are called boyarines. Their construction materials can vary, the most used are cork, inflatables, rubber, plastic. If they are used to delimit zones their colors are strong, alive for their better visualization.

To delimit a zone we can recommend you different types: the float type cork in different types of diameter from 45 to 75 millimeters, in orange. The marine floats manufactured in eva, of a single color or combined as the float Toggle type white and red. All of them are available in different sizes.

To anchor your boat there is a variety of models and sizes from the classic biconical anchor buoy in sizes of 22, 27, 32, 55 mm. The inflatable anchorage buoy with hardware, the rigid anchorage buoy with two shackles in different sizes to make it more comfortable or more visible.

To avoid hits with other boats or with the pontoon on our website you can choose between the Polyform buoy in sizes ranging from 1,100 mm, 850 mm, 710 mm, 550 mm, 460 mm, 390 mm, 295 mm, 210 mm. The Majoni buoy from 350 mm to and 650 mm.

A wide range of models and sizes for you to find the right one. We offer a delivery service directly from the supplier or manufacturer, for only 4 euros of transport no matter how big the package. Remember that if you subscribe to our Newsletter your first shipment will be FREE and you will obtain greater discounts and advantages. Remember our main goal is your satisfaction if not, with any of our products, you can make the return for free. All with 2 years warranty.

Barcos.Online thinks of you, yours and your boat and we have for you more than 12,000 products from the best European suppliers, offering you the best quality and service. Your boat will always be ready.

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